8 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For A Small Apartment

8 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For A Small Apartment

Apartment living can be so much fun! Usually, your only concern is paying your bills and keeping your space tasteful and clean. When it comes to the clean part, there are some things to have around that will make your cleaning day go much more smoothly. Here are some essentials to include in your apartment cleaning kit, and ones used by companies offering customised cleaning services:

1-Cleaning Supplies
Wood cleaner to polish furniture and keep dust at bay on vents, ceiling fans and the like;
Glass cleaner such as Windex, or you can make your own with a couple tablespoons of white vinegar and three cups of water;
Dish soap which you can use as a spot cleaner for carpets and furniture by simply adding a few drops to a cup of water;
Baking soda which mixed with lemon juice is the best for getting odours out of carpets;
All-purpose grease cutter to clean the stove, counter top and handles on the fridge;
A mild, abrasive cleaner with bleach for the bathroom to get your sink, shower, toilet and grout sparkling clean.

There are more than a couple types of brooms on the market today. Yet, the typical straw broom is one that seems to hold up well. If you get one with an attached dust pan, you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

2-Mop and Bucket
No home should be without a trusty mop and pail. Again, there are many to choose from at varying prices. If you buy one with a detachable pad, make sure the pad is washable.

You can buy cleaning rags in bulk and they’re much less expensive than paper towels.

Buying different coloured sponges for different jobs will prevent cross contamination. One for washing dishes, one for cleaning in the bathroom and one for washing down appliances.

5-Static Duster
You can always use cloths to dust, but you will pat yourself on the back for buying a static duster, which is often used by customized cleaning services. Dust sticks to them like glue, and an easy rinse and air dry keeps them clean.

6-Toilet Brush
News ones now have disposable heads and sticks, so its a fresh clean every time!

One of the best disinfectants around. But make sure to use bleach diluted with water and while wearing gloves. It can be used to wipe down many surfaces and it kills bacteria. Never mix it with ammonia, as that will create a noxious gas.

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